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Do You Need Courage?

Do you need a Coach to come alongside to help you? 

Personal Retreat Coaching

  • Do you want to take the NEXT step in your life but you are unsure where to take that step or how to do so?
  • Are you fearful? Are you facing your own large "Life - battle" and feeling overwhelmed, needing to prioritize because you are stuck and unsure of how to move forward?
  • Are you a parent needing courage to do the right thing and lead your children as a Christian Mom?
  • Are you in a rut at work needing courage to advance and to pursue your calling using your God-given gifts and talents?
  • Are you needing courage to take that leap of faith in a relationship, career or maybe athletically?
  • Are you needing courage to fight the largest health battle of your life? Or do you need courage to finally take steps to simply improve your health?
  • Are you needing courage to be a caregiver and advocate for someone you love?
  • Are you needing courage to finally prioritize some time for YOU in some area of your life?
  • Are you needing courage to walk ... no run ... after Jesus and to really live out your faith with abandon?


It would be my honor to come along side you and coach you to finally have the COURAGE you need to move forward, get out being "stuck" or fearful and put feet to those goals, dreams and your calling!

Three options I can offer you to increase your Courage quotient through my practice:

  1. Private Coaching with me for a custom look at working directly with you. (See "Store" for Coaching Packages")
  2. Local Courage, Focus and Leadership Boot Camp Group Classes (contact me for Webinar / Skype information) 
  3. Online Courage Coaching program: I have available for you my online course "Courage, Risks and Rewards." Take this course in your own timing as a stepping stone on your way to working with me as a private coach. 

Contact me today to get help setting up the next step for you!



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"I worked with coach Kathleen, when I needed some new direction in my life, because I was entering a new season in motherhood. Kathleen is a great encourager, and no dream is too big, or too silly for her to pursuit with Kathleen. So will be your biggest fan! She is also a great and safe listener, which is essential in discussing these issues of the heart. When you are setting new goals in your life, and when they are still in the brainstorm phase, you need a good confidant to talk to. Kathleen is that. I have set new goals for my personal life, my marriage, my business, and my motherhood, under Kathleen’s guidance, and would definitely recommend her to all of my friends."
Ruth S.