Kathleen sharing life-stories of courage and God' grace.

Looking for a speaker for your event? I am passionate about sharing the promise Lord makes available to us in Jeremiah 29:11 that His plan for us is for a "future and hope." Life-stories, both His story through my life and through others whose lives give us courage to lead, build the foundations for my speaking topics! For more information please contact me directly. I am happy to email you the information you request plus a partial listing of speaking topics I have available. Need a little more information? Read on below ...

             Joshua 1:9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." ESV



God has given me a story. You have a story. I would count it a privilege to share with you as a speaker, as a sister-in-Christ, the story He has given me to share with you.  


 Retreat near Malibu





   With a dear sister during one of the retreats I've led near Malibu, CA




 I am blessed woman. I am a broken woman. I am a "country girl with roots and boots." I am a committed wife of decades. My husband and I have seen Jesus minister to us in many ways which I will share in my story.  For example, my husband survived a commercial plane crash four months after our marriage in the Rocky Mountains during a blizzard.  A year later we had a house fire.  Four months following the house fire our first son, Nathan, was born to us prematurely with major disabilities. We saw a number of MIRACLES in Nathan's life before His home-going to  be with Jesus as a toddler.   We have had the privilege and normal challenges of being parents to and raising two more amazing sons who are now married to wonderful wives ... and we enjoy our first two young grandsons and our involvement in their little lives.  Over the years I have been diagnosed with Lymes disease, Fibromyalgia, cardiac challenges, had a miscarriage and have been diagnosed with breast cancer three times.  I have had absolute "miracles" (admitted to by top doctors) and I have gone through the deep, difficult valleys of medical treatment and many surgeries for a variety of things. I have endured the heart ache of the deaths of beloved family members and relationships.  Do you see a glimmer of your story which resonates with mine?

 My story, given to me by God, has seen amazing, audacious blessings from the Lord and indescribable joy ... and life-challenges which are in common with many of you. I have had the privilege of being a teacher and owning my own business as global entrepreneur in ten plus countries around the world giving me opportunity to speak on leadership both in the USA and Mexico.

 I have had the privilege of being a full-time Mom to and raising two athletic, musically and academically gifted sons. So  ... yes, I do understand being a BUSY Mom and one who DEEPLY desired our sons to be ROOTED firmly in a authentic relationships with Jesus.   I was very involved as a parent in the boys' school, especially during their middle school and high school years because of my health issues when they were younger. As P.F.A. President, Co-chair for the marketing arm of the school, Soccer "Mom" to the High School Team and Room Mom more than once I was involved in LIFE at their Christian School. Because of that involvement the Lord laid on my heart the deep need for a Moms Bible study  ... to come along side Moms to give COURAGE to parent in godly ways. I enjoyed this role for a number of years in the school and in my home, which likely was the precursor for my decision to become a Christian Life Coach.  Following my time of raising our sons, the year after our youngest left for college, I was invited back to serve again at the school for a three year term on the school board which was a distinct privilege and honor.      

 I have watched the Hand of God provide comfort and peace and COURAGE and yes, leadership in and through me in ways that I could have never imagined growing up as a young, Irish country girl on ranch on the border of Colorado and New Mexico in a very large and very loving family. I loved riding horses and playing with kittens, I enjoyed 4-H and was involved at a tiny rural school in every possible way. It was at age 17 that I gave my life to Jesus. I loved God  from a young age, was raised in the church ... and at 17 was asked by a teacher at school if I'd like to be in a Bible study. I absolutely love studying God's Word with them and worshiping Him in song around the guitar. I joined this tiny Bible study group in going  to see  an evangelistic movie by Billy Graham where the Holy Spirit moved on my heart to receive Jesus Christ personally as my Lord and Savior. My life has never been the same since!      

 Who knew what story the Lord would give to me in my future to share with you! A story about HIM and the miracles that HE still does ... yes, today! A story of HOPE and COURAGE and yes, LEADERSHIP because of His great love and grace and mercy! 

 I would be honored to share my Life-Story, my Keynote Speech or one of my workshops or retreat topics with your group. Feel free to contact me today to discuss your event. (Contact information is below)



Coach Kathleen



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What Coach Kathleen's  speaking /workshop clients are saying about working with her:

One of our primary goals at Joni and Friends Family Retreat is to send the families home with new tools and resources to help them as they deal with the many life challenges they face due to disability.  This year, I think we rang the bell!  Kathleen came to the retreat and brought a Personal Retreat toolbox full of wonderful ideas.  For a couple of good hours, she taught our FR moms how to create their own little personal retreat… how to take care of themselves by drawing closer to the Lord.  What a blessing it was for me to hear the moms as they talked about how they were going to put into practice these new ideas.

          Delinda Carr
          Joni and Friends International Disability Ministry - Arizona
          Former Program Manager and Family Retreat Director


What Coach Kathleen's retreat clients are saying about working with her:

I loved the BE STILL Retreat. Most importantly I learned that HAVING quiet times with God is so essential and that it can be amazingly special. I also learned about HOW to keep my quiet time with the Lord. There are so many things you can do to grow and learn, and spending that time with the Lord can make miracles happen in your life. The Be Still Retreat taught me that just always remembering to make that time, is the beginning of knowing the Lord and myself in a stronger healthier amazingly special way.

  Vicki Anderholt


"Thanks for allowing God to use you in a mighty  way this past weekend."

Anonymous participant, Church Women's Retreat in Southern California


"Whether providing private counsel or serving as a group leader or guest speaker at a retreat, Kathleen Brooks  will gently and lovingly walk you closer to the Lord.  With her humor and her own personal stories of recovery and overcoming, you will feel and know the presence, and comfort of the Lord.   Kathleen leads one on an ever deepening and enriching love affair with the Lord.  Emily Dickenson once penned, “Truth must dazzle gradually, or every man be blind”.  Kathleen carefully and lovingly dazzles."

Nancy Conant,  women's church retreat participant Orange County,  CA.,  business owner: Conant Collaborative